Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP ) Certification Exam

PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) is an agile practice professional certification launched by the American Project Management Association (PMI) in 206 countries and regions around the world in 2011. In the study of agile project management content, the number of Chinese people taking certification exams each year has increased at a rate of 100%, which has become a symbol of the status of agile management professionals.

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PMI-ACP® Practice Questions
1.If the burndown chart showed an upward trend for two days in a row in the middle of the iteration, what might be the reason?

A.the team is not completing the stories fast enough
B.few team members are absent
C.stories got added to the iteration backlog
D.the team is working overtime

2.A team is going through a retrospective meeting. They discussed potential improvements for the next iteration. The Scrum Master noted 15 improvement-related action items that the team wanted to work on. What should be done next?

A.the team should ask the Manager for the feedback
B.the Product Owner should be asked for backlog items for the next iteration
C.the team should start fixing the bugs found in the previous iteration
D.the team should identify the top priority action items and focus on improving those in the next iteration

3.The team is working on a project, based on a Fixed Price contract and is using Agile methodologies. Midway through the project, the customer requested for a change. What should you do?

A.inform the customer that no changes are followed on Fixed Price contract
B.agile is about customer collaboration over contract negotiation - hence we accept the change
C.negotiate with the customer to drop some low priority feature of same size as that of the change requested
D.defer the decision to the management of the organization

4.What is meant by ‘Ideal Days’?

A.the lowest possible time it would take to implement something - assuming everything goes well
B.the amount of time it would take for the best developer to complete a story
C.the goal for a story or a project that is set by the management
D.the amount of time it would take to complete a story, assuming there are no distractions

5.The Project Management Office in an organization that has adopted Agile, regularly issues best practices and records performance data. They have just published a comparison of velocity data (story points completed per iteration) from different teams. As a Scrum Master for one of the teams, what would be your next steps?

A.share this data with the team and discuss with them how to improve its numbers in relation to the rest of the organization
B.write back to the PMO stating that velocities should not be compared across teams
C.write to the management justifying the difference between the organizational benchmark and the figures for your team the team is self-organizing, simply share the data with them and let them figure out what to do.

Introduction of PMI-ACP exam eligibility criteria:

Candidates will not see the score directly, but instead use A \ T \ B \ N.
1.Above Target
3.Below Target
4.Needs Improvement
The final score obtained by the candidates is the level obtained by each process group, such as 4A1T.
The four levels of A, T, B, and N have intervals. At the same time, the number of questions in each field is different, so sometimes one student fails 3T2B and another student 3T2B passes. Therefore, when viewing the performance report, you cannot simply count the numbers of A, T, B, and N. You still need to use the PASS or FAIL given by PMI.


1.2,000 hours of general project experience working on teams. A current PMP® or PgMP® will satisfy this requirement but is not required to apply for the PMI-ACP.
2.1,500 hours working on agile project teams or with agile methodologies. This requirement is in addition to the 2,000 hours of general project experience.
3.21 contact hours of training in agile practices.

1.Who should apply?

If you work on an agile team, or if your organization is adopting agile practices, PMI-ACP is your ideal choice. Compared with other Agile certifications based only on training and exams, PMI-ACP can prove that you have real practical experience and skills.

2.What about the befits of holding ACP certification?

The ACP certification helps you build an important contact in your product career. Use the credentials and credentials to contact the opportunity, promotion, and new job responsibilities.

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Valid PMI-ACP dumps, good luck to you.

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I'm so happy that I passed PMI-ACP exam this week. Thanks for this study material.

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I studied this PMI-ACP material carefully and took every ACP question seriously. At last, I passed the ACP exam with high score. Prepare well and study much more.

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