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CCIE Wireless Lab Exam Information:
DIAG: DIAG 1~ DIAG 6(6 sets)
CFG: LAB1、LAB1+、LAB1++ (3 sets)
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Cisco CCIE Wireless Lab1
Section1: Network InfrastructureDownload Now

1.1 Troubleshoot the network at Headquarters

so that for the connections between the 3650s and the 4500s, corporate wireless user traffic for VLANs 101 and 102 only, use G1/0/20 on the 3650s as the primary forwarding link. G1/0/21 on 3650-1 and 3650-2 must be used exclusively as a backup connection. Notes:

  • Use an STP method that prioritizes how the local switches (that is, the 3650s) elect the root port.
  • Configuration should be applied to the G1/0/21 interfaces only.


3650-1 & 3650-2

3650-1 & 3650-2

    spanning-tree vlan 101-102 cost 200000000

Section2: Autonomous DeploymentDownload Now

2.1 Bridging

The bridge link between A3700-BR1 and A3700-BR2 does not come up as planned. Troubleshoot and fix the issues to enable the bridge link to be established while maintaining these requirements:

  •   The link must use the SSID BridgeYY, broadcast by A3700-BR1 and using the first available channel in UNII-3.
  •   This is an infrastructure SSID bridge link between A3700-BR1 (which is acting as the Root AP), and potential WGBs (only A3700-BR2 for now). Use RSN for Layer 2 security.
  •   A3700-BR1 must allow A3700-BR2 to authenticate against its internal RADIUS server using EAP-FAST only. Create a “BR2-user” user that belongs to the group EFAST-GROUP in order to achieve this, and set its password to “cisco”.
  •   Make sure that multicast/broadcast packets to the WGB are acknowledged.
  •   WGBs must handle multicast/broadcast packets in the most efficient possible way.


Yellow is config. Other is preconfig.


aaa new-model


aaa group server radius rad_eap

server auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813


aaa authentication login eap_methods group rad_eap


dot11 ssid Bridge37

  authentication network eap_methods

    <<---Part of Requirement 2

  authentication key-management wpa version 2

    <<---Part of Requirement 2


    <<---Part of Requirement 2


interface Dot11Radio1

  channel 149

    <<---Part of Requirement 1

  no shutdown

radius-server local

 no authentication leap

  <<---Part of Requirement 3

 no authentication mac

  <<---Part of Requirement 3

 eapfast server-key primary 7 808D2A5B41A4B43E02A1450398AFD7400F

 nas key 7 0822455D0A16


    eapfast pac expiry 7


 user BR2-user password cisco group EFAST-GROUP

  <<---Part of Requirement 3


radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 key 7 110A1016141D


dot11 ssid Bridge37

 authentication network-eap eap_methods

    <<---Part of Requirement 2

 authentication key-management wpa version 2

    <<---Part of Requirement 2

dot1x credentials EFAST-CRE

    <<---Part of Requirement 3

dot1x eap profile EFAST-PROF

    <<---Part of Requirement 3


eap profile EFAST-PROF

 method fast


dot1x credentials EFAST-CRE

  no username 3700-BR2cisco

    <<---Part of Requirement 3

  username BR2-user

    <<---Part of Requirement 3

  password 0 cisco


int dot11Radio 1

  ssid Bridge37


    <<---Requirement 4

  station-role workgroup-bridge multicast mode infrastructure

    <<---Requirement 5

  no shutdown

Ping each other among 4500,BR1-2

Section3: AireOS : Unified DeploymentDownload Now
Section 4 Wireless Security & Identity ManagemenDownload Now
Section 5 -Prime Infrastructure and MSE/CMXDownload Now
Section 6 WLAN Media and Application ServicesDownload Now
Section1: Network InfrastructureDownload Now

1.1 Layer2 troubleshooting - HQ VLANs & VTP Server/Client

At HQ-Alpha, any unnecessary broadcast VLAN traffic must be stopped from reaching 3650-1.

The setup of HQ-Beta replicates that of HQ-Alpha, that is the 4500 is the VTP server and the 3650 is the VTP client. Your colleague reports that although he has created a new VLAN "Test-VLAN" on 4500-2, this new VLAN broadcast traffic is not reaching 3650-2. You must ensure that the new VLAN traffic always reaches 3650-2.

4500-1 (server) and 3650-1 (client) is one server/client relationship domain name is HQA

4500-2 (server) and 3650-2 (client) is another server/client relationship

ensure that no unwanted broadcast is not forwarded to 3650-1 (enable vtp pruning on 4500-1)

HQ B replicates HQ A in that 4500s are servers and 3650s are clients, Test vlan (997) is not propagated to 3650-2 from 4500-2

For this VTP domain on 4500-2 is HQB but on 3650-2 is HQA.  Also 3650-2 is a server. Configure 3650-2 as client and correct the domain on 3650-2 to HQB. Also VTP password

on 4500-1, 3650-1 and 4500-2 is CCIEW but on 3650-2 it is something else. Correct the VTP password on 3650-2 to CCIW.

In the exam even after doing this the VLANs weren't propogating to 3650-2 as the config revision number was 0. Switch the VTP mode to transparent and then back to client.

On 4500-2:

vtp domain HQB

vtp pruning

vtp mode server

vtp password CCIEW

On 3650-2:

… … snip


On 4500-2:

On 3650-2:

Check 3650-2 study vlan from 4500-2:

… … snip… …

Ticket#1:Download Now

MAC flapping on the core switch Concept ?

Your customer reports high CPU utilization on its core switch. ?The log messages on the switch show a lot of MAC flapping messages, which indicate the root cause for this high CPU utilization. ?The MAC addresses in the logs all belong to wireless clients. ?The clients are moving between APs that belong to different WLCs and that are part of one mobility group. Symptoms During their investigation of the high CPU utilization on the core switch, the LAN/switch team confirmed that the high CPU is being caused by MAC flapping, and that all of the MAC addresses that appear to be flapping on the logs are MAC addresses of wireless clients.

Your expertise is needed to diagnose a problem where MAC flapping messages are causing high CPU utilization on the core switch. It has been determined that all of these MAC addresses belong to wireless clients. You have been provided with these documents and resources: ?email thread between the customer and first-line support ?topology diagram ?device configurations/show commands ?debugs

Q1. Which two actions resolve this problem permanently? (Choose two.)

A. Configure the two WLCs for high availability active/active without changing the WLC registration of the AP.
B. Change the WLAN settings to local switching/central authentication.
C. Configure both WLANs to use different subnets on each WLC.
D. Configure the WLCs for EtherChannel (LAG) to ensure that the correct load-balancing mehod is being used on the core switches.
E. MAC flapping is normal behaviour for this type of setup/topology. The MAC flapping messages cannot be avoided.
F. Disable the MAC flapping notification messages on the core switch.
G. Join all the APs to the same WLC.
H. This behavior is related to a bug. You must upgrade the switch to a newer code to avoid this kind of cosmetic error.
C. Configure both WLANs to use different subnets on each WLC.
G. Join all the APs to the same WLC.

Q2: For this scenario, how does the CAM table of the core switch learn the wireless clients MAC addresses?
Q3: Both WLCs are running code 8.3. Assume that all WLANs are indentically configured on both WLCs. Based on the WLAN security type, which WLAN configured in the Cisco 5508-1 WLC does not support mobility roaming?

Ticket#2:Download Now

Wireless guest user is unable to gain access to the guest network. Concept ?
Q2. Which root cause of the problem is true?
Q3. What two options do you suggest to stop this problem from happening?

Q4. Which packet # in the sniffer trace shows that there is a problem?

Ticket#3:Download Now

The WLC cannot be managed via Cisco Prime Infrastructure Concept ?

We are trying to integrate MSE, PI, and a WLC so that we can track the wireless clients. ?We are at the early stages of the implementation, and we cannot get Cisco Prime to manage the WLC. ?This very same WLC had been implementation, and we cannot get Cisco Prime to manage the WLC. ?This very same WLC had been added before, but now, for some reason, it is no longer manageable by Cisco Prime. ?A CPU ACL is blocking SNMP communication between the two devices.

Q1. Which root cause of this problem is true?

Q2. Based on the outputs, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


Q3. Which output helps the most to understand the problems?

CCIE Wireless Lab Exam v3.1 Study Progress

You can complete CCIE Wireless Lab exam within 9.5 weeks if you practice lab materials 4 hours per day. Tutors and services will assist you along the whole preparation. Every module we do provide workbooks, solutions, and videos tutorial. You can watch videos first, and practice lab materials.
Phase 1:spend 7.5 weeks to practice CFG & TS module (LAB1).
Phase 2:spend 1 week to practice DIAG module (DIAG 1(1 set),DIAG 2(5 sets)).
Phase 3: spend 1 week to practice CFG & TS module (LAB2).
Note: Our service time of CCIE Wireless lab is 3 months.

How soon can I receive the learning materials?
The followings will be sent to your email no later than 8 hours after verification of your payment.
-Software and setup instructions
-Learning Materials, including Workbook, Solutions
-Study Plan.
Important Notes
You need to book lab date before you can practice LAB1-Security and ISE
How many remote rack hours of CCIE Wireless Lab are included?

Up to 120 hours within your service period. You can purchase additional hours at USD$ 200 per 40 hours within your service period. Please contact our tutor for extension.

What happens if the exam becomes unstable?

We make sure you will receive updated information and materials as soon as we learned any changes to CCIE Wireless Lab Exam. In case we learned any major changes happened during your service period, your remaining service period will be calculated from the date we learned the exam becomes stable again.

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